Top 10 Items Everyone Needs in Their Wardrobe

Top 10 Items  Everyone  Needs in  Their  Wardrobe

Having the right wardrobe pieces makes it easier to pull outfits together, sidestepping style
meltdowns. These key items are staples that can be dressed up or down, and should be a part of
any closet.
A thin knit sweater in a neutral shade goes with everything, from jeans to a leather skirt. Look for
a tailored fit that hits the hips.

1. White T-Shirt
A white t-shirt is a wardrobe essential that can be styled a million different ways. You can wear it
solo, splash it with accessories, cover it in a sweater, or just leave it hanging loose. It’s a blank
canvas that will always be in style and it goes with everything.
There are many t-shirt options, but the most important factor when choosing one is the fabric
weight. The thickness of the jersey determines how it hugs your body, what bras you can wear
underneath it, and whether or not it will move with you as you move throughout your day. You
also want to consider the sleeve length, collar design, and armpit moveability.
If you’re shopping for a white t-shirt, look for one with a high content of elastane to ensure it will
stretch with you as you move. You’ll also want to pay attention to the size of the shirt, and if it
runs small or large, try it on with a pair of jeans to gauge how it fits in those areas.
The t-shirt’s origin is often forgotten, but it’s an indispensable piece of clothing that can be worn
in so many different ways. In the early 1900s, companies like P. Hanes Knitting Company started
producing a t-shirt with a similar silhouette to today’s white tee. It was initially seen as underwear
and was worn by male soldiers in the military, but it would soon be embraced by celebrity and
pop culture icons: imagine Bruce Springsteen singing in his iconic plain white tee or Brigitte
Bardot strutting her stuff on the screen in A Very Private Affair.
Associate Fashion Commerce Editor Erika Reals spent days researching the best white t-shirts
on the market, interviewing editors and experts. She then put 21 shirts to the test, wearing each
one for an entire workday and evaluating its softness, fit, and opaqueness.
2. Jeans
Whether you're a jeans-and-tee girl or prefer to rock skinny jeans with a white tee, you cannot go
wrong with a good pair of denim pants. Getting the right fit is key, and it's worth taking the time to
find the perfect pair that will last. Plus, you'll get the most wear out of them if you invest in a pair
that will flatter your body shape.
Leggings are comfy and chic, but there's something about a well-fitting, straight-cut pair of jeans
that says, "I've got style." Plus, they look great with a white tee and trench coat for a casual lunch
date or a pair of heels and a blouse to dress up your outfit for work.
If you're a fan of dresses, make sure your closet is stocked with one that will take you from day to
night or from a meeting at the office to a dinner out with friends. Again, it's important that this
dress fits you perfectly and accentuates your best features; choose a flattering neckline and
consider having it tailored to graze the top of your knees for a polished, feminine finish.
A beige coat is a winter-wardrobe essential that will help you sidestep any fashion disasters that
may come your way. Depending on the season, you can dress it up or down, but this is the kind
of coat that will always be in style.

3. Trench Coat
A trench coat is the perfect balance between fashion and function. It is stylish enough to wear
with jeans and other casual outfits, but also practical for the elements. They are available in
many different colors and fabrics – from the traditional cotton gabardine to the more bold neon
pink ones. Whether you choose one in the warmer wool or leather for winter, or a breezy silk
version for spring and summer, it’s up to you to decide how versatile you want your trench to be.
The story of the trench coat actually starts even before World War I. In the 19th century, Charles
Macintosh created a revolutionary form of rubberised cotton that was waterproof and could be
used for military clothing. Previously, the military had been using coats called'macs' but these
were not as breathable and often smelled of sweat. This new fabric was a major improvement
and the trench coat as we know it today was born.
In the years after World War I, the trench coat became a popular garment for civilians of both
genders. According to Peter Doyle, author of The First World War in 100 Objects, this was partly
because the coat was an effective means of keeping the rain off and camouflaging the wearer. It
also had the effect of making the 'officer' look more powerful and confident – qualities that were
appealing to both men and women at this time.
The trench coat is now an iconic heritage style, and it continues to be a wardrobe staple in
modern times. British style icons like Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne are often spotted wearing
them, and they are also popular with Hollywood stars who have adopted the look for their roles
as detectives and gangsters. A good quality trench coat can last you a lifetime and is a must-
have for any closet.
4. Five T-Shirts
A capsule wardrobe foundation is a sure-fire way to sidestep style meltdowns and save time. It's
also a sustainable option for the planet and your wallet (and helps you avoid impulsive
purchases). Invest in a few of these items now, and you can be confident that they will still look
fresh next year.
There are few pieces more versatile than a white button down shirt. Whether you're wearing it to
work or running errands, this classic goes with everything. It can also be tucked in for a more
polished, professional look or untucked for that perfect "let's watch Netflix on the couch" outfit.
Originally made for men, this closet staple can be worn by women too. It looks great alone or
under a suit jacket or with jeans. It's a must-have for any woman looking to elevate her workwear
Whether you're a knitwear enthusiast or not, it's essential to have some stylish knits in your
wardrobe. Not only do they make cold weather dressing a breeze, but they can be worn year-
round for layering and adding texture. This is an easy way to take your outfits from so-so to

The last piece to round out a perfect wardrobe is a good pair of sunglasses. A good-quality pair
will elevate any outfit and help protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. It's a must-have
accessory for anyone who wants to keep their style game strong all year.
5. Sunglasses
Sunglasses protect our eyes from harmful UV rays and are considered a stylish accessory. They
come in a variety of styles and can be worn with any outfit. If you buy a new pair, make sure they
block 100% of all UV light. Look for this information on the hangtag or price sticker of any
sunglasses you purchase.
A hat is another wardrobe staple that will work with any outfit. A wide-brimmed hat is perfect for
summer, while a cloche is an excellent winter option. If you’re in the market for a new hat, look
for one that will work with your skin tone and face shape. It’s also important to choose a style that
suits your personality. A hat can turn heads and start conversations, so don’t be afraid to try
something bold!
Having a balanced wardrobe can help you feel confident and put together. A capsule wardrobe*
is a great way to get started. It will allow you to mix and match your clothes, so you don’t have
items that don’t go with anything else.
Cozy sweaters are a must-have for colder months. Whether you prefer chunky knits or unique
silhouettes, sweaters are the ultimate layering piece. They’re also the perfect complement to any
jean or t-shirt. For an elegant look, opt for a turtleneck sweater. For a more casual outfit, try a
crewneck sweater.
Skinny jeans are a wardrobe essential. They can be worn year-round, so don’t be afraid to invest
in a quality pair in a dark wash. The key is to find a pair with a slim fit that is not too tight on the
waist. This will flatter your figure and keep the look polished.

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