Kronos Golf Net Worth 2023

Kronos Golf Net Worth 2023

Kronos Golf is a company that produces hand-finished putters. It is known for producing well-balanced putters that are sold in Japan and the US.

Phillip Lapuz and Eric Williams founded Kronos Golf in 2010. They graduated from UC San Diego and Osaka University.

They pitched their business on Shark Tank and got a deal with Robert Herjavec. They used the investment to boost production to meet growing demand.

Founded by Philip Lapuz and Eric Williams

Founded by Philip Lapuz and Eric Williams, Kronos Golf is an American company that produces high-end putters. The company’s founders have a passion for the sport of golf and believe that putters should be manufactured with great precision. They also believe that this type of production can help to improve the quality of a player’s game.

The founders of the company have a deep understanding of the process of making putters and they make an effort to ensure that their products are perfect. They have experience in testing and milling prototype putters for large golf equipment manufacturers such as Titleist, Taylormade, and Callaway.

They have a strong online presence and sell their putters on the website as well as in specialty golf shops. They also offer a variety of accessories such as leather head covers and leather stick back grips.

Phillip and Eric believe that golfers should use putters that are precise and have good balance. They also want to bring the art of craftsmanship to the manufacturing process of putters.

Their putters are made in San Diego, California and are manufactured using high-quality materials. They use a CNC machine to mill the putter heads and create precision putters that are both durable and beautiful.

According to their website, the company’s goal is to provide the ultimate in precision and craftsmanship. This means that they take a lot of time to produce each putter. The company’s products are sold in Japan and will eventually be available in the United States as well.

They also manufacture a range of other golf products, including hats and divot tools. They are also involved in corporate philanthropic initiatives and work to inspire the next generation of golfers.

The company is a big hit in Japan and they have many customers, including major golf brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Callaway. The company has recently released a line of putters designed specifically for left-handed players.

The company was featured on the television show Shark Tank in 2010, and it was successfully funded by a $150,000 investment from Robert Herjavec. Herjavec invested the money in exchange for a 30% stake in the company. Herjavec’s investment helped to expand the company and bring new products to market. This has helped to boost the company’s net worth in 2023.

Featured on Shark Tank

Founded in 2014 by Philip Lapuz and Eric Williams, Kronos golf is a manufacturer of premium precision putters. Their products are made in the United States and sold throughout the world.

They have a strong online presence, with an Instagram account that has over 3,000 followers. The company uses social media to promote their products and to answer questions from customers. Their posts are updated frequently, and they are known for their quality putters and friendly customer service.

The founders of Kronos golf appeared on Shark Tank in season six, presenting their business to investors Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, and Lori Greiner. They had an idea for a putter that would help golfers make more putts, but they were looking to expand their market.

During their pitch, they described how important it is to have a putter that is accurate. They also stressed the fact that their putters are hand-finished, a technique that ensures a high level of quality and precision.

Their putters are made with seasoned craftsmen, ensuring a high quality product that will improve your game. They also emphasize that their putters are perfectly balanced, allowing you to hit them more consistently.

In addition to their website, Kronos has a Facebook page where they regularly post videos of the putters in use and share tips about golf. They also have a YouTube channel, which allows them to interact with their customers and showcase their products.

On the Shark Tank episode, the founders asked for $150,000 for 15% of their equity. They were hoping to be able to buy a factory in China that could increase their production and help them grow their business. The majority of the Sharks turned down their offer, but Robert Herjavec was the only one who saw potential in the company.

At the end of the pitch, Phillip Lapuz tearfully explained to Herjavec that he wanted to get his business off the ground so that he could bring his fiancee to America. She was still stuck in Japan, and he needed to make this company a success before she could come home.

Offers a variety of putters

Kronos golf net worth 2023 is a company that makes hand-finished putters. They are based in San Diego, California. This company is famous for well-balanced putters, which are popular amongst amateur and professional players alike.

They also offer putters designed specifically for left-handed players. These models are crafted using high-quality materials to ensure that they stand the test of time. They can be purchased online and at a number of retail stores.

In addition to puttingters, the company also offers a variety of other accessories for players to improve their game. These include putter bags and head covers.

The company’s main goal is to create the best putters possible. They do this by creating a line of premium precision-milled putters that have been proven to improve golfers’ performance.

To produce these putters, Kronos utilizes high-quality materials that are designed to last a long time. This includes stainless steel, carbon steel, and nickel-chrome-PVD coatings. These materials are also rust resistant, which ensures that the putters will retain their luster for a longer period of time.

Moreover, they are made from solid metal billets, rather than castings and welding. This process is said to be more precise than the latter, and it also preserves the quality of the product.

Another important part of the design of these putters is their Compass Scored milling, which is done to achieve uniformity on the face. This feature helps to keep the putter in balance, which is crucial to achieving consistent results.

This is a very unique design and one that stands out from the competition. It features a thicker topline that puts a bit more mass behind the ball and produces a soft, plush feel at impact.

Additionally, it is made from carbon steel which rusts less than stainless steel. The rust-resistant properties of this material make it an excellent choice for putters that are exposed to a lot of moisture and humidity.

These putters are made in the United States, and they use a combination of stainless steel and carbon steel to create the optimal blend of durability and feel. They also incorporate the Pure Balanced Center of Gravity certification to ensure that the putters have been created with quality in mind.

Has a strong online presence

Founded by Philip Lapuz and Eric Williams, Kronos Golf is an innovative golf club manufacturer that offers a wide variety of putters. Its patented face groove design is said to promote a more accurate putt, and the company uses high-quality materials in its products.

The company’s success has led to a significant increase in its net worth. It has received investments from investors, including professional golfers, and it has also launched several successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Kronos Golf has a strong online presence, which has helped it reach a wider audience and connect with its customers. Its website features information about its products and services, as well as reviews from satisfied users.

In addition to its website, the company has an active social media presence. It has a Facebook page and an Instagram account, and it posts regular updates about its latest offerings.

When Kronos Golf appeared on Shark Tank, they were seeking a financial investment to expand their business. They presented their business plan to Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, and Lori Greiner. The majority of the Sharks declined to invest, although Robert Herjavec gave them a $150,000 investment for 30% of their equity.

The founders of Kronos Golf used this money to expand their business and increase production to meet the demands of the market. While the majority of their sales still come from Japan, they are planning to expand their product line and enter the United States in the future.

Their putters are sold through a variety of golf shops and websites. They are available in seven different models, including a putter designed specifically for left-handed players. The company currently has a total of five million dollars in revenue.

Both Philip and Eric are very passionate about their product. They want to provide the best putter to their customers. They also want to use the proceeds from their sale to give back to the community and support charities.

As a result, they have built a strong foundation for their company and are looking to further expand their brand. They hope to continue their success and make a positive impact on the golf industry.



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